Pocahontas Elementary

AceoneODC K-12

Pocahontas School District

Pocahontas Elementary School

Pocahontas, Arkansas

Housing Pre-K, Kindergarten, and 1st through 3rd graders, Pocahontas Elementary School was completed in 2021 and was funded through a millage and partnership funding from the State of Arkansas funding program. Pocahontas has a growing population and was in dire need of new space to house their younger students. This 95,000 square foot school is located in northwest Pocahontas near the high school campus and has separate roads for buses and parent drop off, with ample road length to get parents off the highway as they wait in line to drop off their child.

The building houses Pre-K in a separate building, with a separate drop-off, kindergarten and 1st – 3rd grade wings. There is also Administrative areas, a gymnasium, a library, and a cafeteria/kitchen area. Other support spaces are art rooms, music rooms, self-contained classrooms and other special needs spaces. 

The building’s exterior is Split-Face Block, Burnished Block, Brick, and Metal Panels with a Standing Seam Metal Roof. The layout is easy to navigate with a main entry and long corridor that gets you to the back of the building, with classroom wings branching off to the sides off this main corridor. This makes it easy for students to learn how to get around. The total cost for this building is 18 million dollars which is just under $190/square foot.