Jonesboro Police Department

AceoneODC Civic / Public

City of Jonesboro

Renovations for Police Facility

Jonesboro, Arkansas

Brackett - Krennerich worked closely with the City of Jonesboro and Jonesboro Police Department to renovate and add on to the existing Army Reserve Center, originally built in 1971. Our office collaborated with over six departments and several department heads in order to consolidate Jonesboro Police Department into a cohesive new centralized police station.

Challenges included on-site analysis and documentation of existing facility and antiquated systems. The result is a functional building that was designed to budget, a design that brings new life into an existing section of Jonesboro, and facilities that meet the needs of its end users.

Departments include criminal investigation, internet crime against children, evidence storage, DARE program, records, desk sergeant, interrogation, life scan, and motor pool.