Valley View High School

AceoneODC K-12

Valley View School District

Valley View High School

Jonesboro, Arkansas

In 2011, Valley View School district commissioned Brackett-Krennerich to design a new 170,000 square foot high school on their campus south of Jonesboro. The two-story high school housed 590 students in grades 10-12 when construction was completed in 2013. The school utilizes the school colors inside and out and has blue metal panels on the exterior to match the blue metal roofs and wall panels of other schools on campus. The building is laid out with a double height dining area with large west facing windows in the central area of the building with classroom wings on both sides. At the west end of the north classroom, wing sits the 2,200 seat gymnasium.

Brackett-Krennerich was able to create spaces with a look and feel of a contemporary school utilizing economically feasible construction practices and materials. In the end, the final cost was $21M; Very competitive for a school of this size with a scope including considerable site improvement requirements.